List of melodious Singers of Jammu & Kashmir. Check it out!

2016 was a big year for new artists in country music. Several acts had their first career number ones at country radio celebrated breakthrough hits, while relative newcomers Harsh Singh Dutta ,Rittik Dogra ,M.V and Isha Andotra solidified their positions as country’s next generation of superstars. List of melodious Singers of Jammu & Kashmir. 2017 will undoubtedly be a breakthrough year for another handful of new artists.

List of melodious Singers of Jammu & Kashmir.


There’s no doubt he’ll continue to rack up fans in 2017. It’s clear from Harshvir Singh Dutta‘s lyric video for “OH KYU NHI JAAN SKE” the lead single from their self-titled 5rivers, that vocalists Harsh have a great time when he perform. The another one of my best song Harshveer & Prachi. Published on March 21, 2016. Movie HERO’s theme song covered by Harshveer Singh and Prachi at 5RIVERZ Recording Studio in a new and creative way.

He released his “Main Hoon Hero Tera” HERO’s theme song on 5RIVERS Records in March 21, 2016 , and his new single “OH KYU NHI JAAN SKE” debuted earlier this month. He’ll be hitting the road again in 2017. He is counted in Top 3 Singers of Jammu & Kashmir. Now I have become his fan.

2. Rittik Dogra.

Many fans will recognize Rittik Dogra as Dogra Sabah opening act for much of Dec. 2016. Jammu native Rittik Dogra has earned tens of thousands of fans the old-fashioned way: non-stop touring and lots of hard work. He can play guitar and piano also. When not on tour (where fans can catch their new song Narazgi”) the trio splits their time between Purthu (The Mini Goa),Basohli Jammu.

3. M V.

Yaadeein || Story Of Love Souls || Latest Song || A Aayan Films.

The main motive of this song is to show love. Love can be this and that, you can interpret this question in a myriad different ways. Love is that one sublime feeling everyone craves for, it can neither be purchased nor sold, it can only make its presence felt when one is receptive. Of all the things people say of love, one thing is for sure, love liberates, it does not stifle, it does not ask questions, and it does not doubt

4. Isha Andotra.


She is a vocalists and keep alternating as lead singers. She is big in terms of talent. Isha Andotra is expression in one voice of a musical idea. Her debut album became the best female debut album in Jammu & Kashmir music. Her “Narazgi” song is very much popular among the cult.

Classical music is known for being both peaceful and harmonious, creating a calm and serene study environment for the listen. Music is effective in raising efficiency in repetitive work – so if you’re mindlessly checking email or filling out a spreadsheet, adding some tunes will make your task go by that much faster. So this was the List of melodious Singers of Jammu & Kashmir.

“A song can be more than words and music … when sung with soul a song carries you to another world, to a place where no matter how much pain you feel, you are never alone.”- Ashwani

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