All New Fashion trend for Women in 2017.

Presentation is always paramount for the style-savvy, and for many women fashion can enhance their natural beauty while putting their taste and creativity on full display. Create a look that fits your lifestyle as well as flattering your form in this latest collection. Express your free spirit with a colorful kimono or intricately printed tank, or show a more polished side with a crisp button down shirt and a pair of slacks. A vest made from a rugged material such as denim or leather adds effortless edge to your aesthetic, and with the addition of a few distinctive accessories you can create a look all your own. Still strive to break these fashion binaries because they are very problematic and lead to a lot of insecurities and anxiety for people.

Fashion trend for Women.

Fashion trend for Women Complete your ensemble with a fabulous footwear option such as a open toed boot, ballet flat or even a timeless pair of athletic sneakers to take your outfit from venue to venue with ease. Our women’s range features stylish updates for your entire wardrobe. As women have found their voice politically, they have begun to express themselves sartorially, be it through white pantsuits, so-called pussy hats or the modest fashion movement .When people are seated at fashion shows wearing pasties, the only thing that could be shocking is a tailored suit. Women who once bought strapless dresses with a little skirt are now buying evening gowns with sleeves and high necks.

A major mission of the brand is to make our work accessible​ to those excluded from the fashion scene, so the majority of the models we work with are friends of ours. I can’t say too much what the next collections will be about because that spoils the surprise when I present it to the world. All future collections will continue to bring light to important matters in the world. In the future I want the brand to become more global so that we can fight against hate and donate to important matters. I would love to collaborate with an organization that caters to trans women of color. I just want us safe and healthy.

Fashion trend for Women

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“You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.”-Ashwani

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