Top 5 hair styles for girls.

No matter your face shape – round, oval, square, heart or long – there will be haircuts that look best on you and a few that aren’t flattering. The key to a flattering hairstyle is one that creates the illusion that you have a perfectly oval face. There are cuts that help make a round face appear longer, a long face appear wider, a square jaw appear softer and large foreheads and double chins basically disappear. It’s not magic, it’s just finding the right haircut. Here are Top 5 hair styles for girls.

There are other things to consider when choosing a style, like hair texture, your personality, your lifestyle and even your body type.

Top 5 hair styles for girls.

1. Beach Waves.

The effortless beach look is a trend that isn’t going anywhere. The last few years have been all about tousled, messy, deliberately dishevelled hair, and nothing embodies this better than beachy waves. Mastering this undone look means that even in the gloomiest of winter weather, your hair can still bring summer vibes to your day!

Top 5 hair styles for girls.

Step 1: The beachy wave starts from the wash. Try cleansing and conditioning your hair with the shampoo and conditioner. To infuse the strands with texture, and moisturize without weighing the hair down.  

Step 2: Gently blot washed hair with a towel and use the shampoo generously all over the hair, taking care to get it in at the roots.

Step 3: Blow dry the hair, lifting at the roots, and drying in different directions to give it extra body.

Step 4: Use a flat iron to create beautiful defined waves. There’s a knack to this: take hair by sections and apply the heat of the iron in a zig-zag motion. Apply in one direction, then hold a finger to where you created the last wave and move down the hair, applying the heat in the opposite direction with a flick of the wrist.

Step 5: Allow it to cool fully, and then rough it up gently to create some more texture. Fix it in place with a brushable hairspray, such as the ultra-light.


2. Not Your Average Ponytail.

Ponytails are usually our go-to style when we don’t have the time or energy to do our hair. It’s what we do when we try to stretch our hair into another day without washing it! This doesn’t mean, however, that ponytails should look blah and boring. In fact, we’ve got incredibly creative and cute ponytail ideas right here for your inspiration.

Top 5 hair styles for girls.

Step 1: Prep Your Hair To Create a Natural Base.

Start with clean, dry hair. TIP: For the smoothest finish possible, run a flat iron through it from roots to tips. Create a natural base and help hold the style in place by misting hair with a lightweight hairspray and then gently running your fingers through it.

Step 2: Pull and Tighten Hair.

Pull hair into a tight, high ponytail, collecting at the back of the head just below the crown and holding with one hand. With the other hand, use a boar-hair brush or mixed boar-hair and synthetic bristle brush to smooth the hair, brushing everything away from the face. Once the hair is pulled back tight and smooth, secure the high ponytail with a hair tie or elastic.

Step 3: Polish for That Finishing Touch.

To finish and add gorgeous shine, warm a few drops of serum in your hands and lightly run over hair, starting a few inches from the roots back to the elastic and then from the base of the ponytail to the end. Finally, follow the latest trend and tie a thin satin ribbon around the elastic, or hide it by using a small section of hair from under your ponytail. Simply wrap it around the elastic and tuck the end of the hair back through or use a small bobby pin to secure.

3. The Party Bun.

Every girl wants to look her best on the most important day of her life, i.e., her wedding. Since the bride is the centre of attention for all, her hair, makeup, and outfit are under scrutiny at all times. Hence, she must ensure that she is looking perfect from head to toe. Just like the emphasis given on dress and makeup, she needs to make it a point to take care of her hairdo as well.

Top 5 hair styles for girls.

Step 1: First, separate the top half of your hair from the bottom half, securing it with a hair tie. Make sure the ponytail is tight.

Step 2:  Go back and gently tug on the hair on top if you need to make it look more voluminous.

Step 3: Then, tease the tail slightly near the base of the elastic (this will give your bun a fuller look)

Step 4: Twist it around the base.

Step 5: Secure the bun with a few bobby pins

Step 6: Finish by adjusting it to the shape that you want.

4. Curly Hair.

For ladies with tight curls (which tend to go wild in the humidity) — this natural, chin-length hairstyle is your ideal face-framing cut. The playful cut is bouncy without looking messy, and it allows you to have large volume, or you can make it more compact — making it forgiving in almost all weather situations.

Top 5 hair styles for girls.

Step 1: Apply a smoothing serum like Pureology Smooth Perfection Smoothing Serum, and gently scrunch damp strands.
Step2: Blow-dry your hair with a diffuser, using your fingers to pull hair gently to preserve the natural texture as much as possible.
Step 3: Once dry, lightly apply a curl cream to dry hair to define pieces in the front and combat frizz that resulted from drying.
Step 4: Take a 1-inch curling iron, and identify some key spots around your face that you want to dress up. (Curling just a few sections of hair will give you a nice mix of spirals and softness.) Continue to do this throughout the rest of your hair if you want to channel your inner wild child, and seal the style with hairspray.

5. The Side Fishtail Braid.

The fishtail braid is a simple variation of the standard braid. Instead of separating hair into three sections, the fishtail braid involves separating hair into two pieces and crossing over strands of hair to produce a herringbone pattern. Fishtail braids look complicated but they’re easier to style than French braids. Instead of three sections, you’re only working with two sections of hair.

Step 1: Use a small clear hair elastic to secure your hair in a side ponytail.

Step 2: Split your ponytail in two. Hold one side in each hand and keep these separate as you braid.

Step 3: Cross a small section from the left to the right. Take a small piece of hair from the left side of the left ponytail and cross it over to join the right ponytail.

Step 4: Repeat on the right. Take a small piece of hair from the right side of the right ponytail and cross it over to join the left ponytail.

Step 5: Then continue to repeat this process all the way down. Each time, cross a small piece of hair from one ponytail to the other side. As you move down the ponytail they cross over, forming the fishtail braid.

Step 6: Tie the end and stretch your braid out. Secure the end of your fishtail braid with a small, clear elastic. Gently pull at the sides of the braid to stretch it out. This makes your hair look thicker and fuller, and emphasises the shape of the braid.

Step 7: Now cut away the first elastic. Carefully take your scissors and snip the elastic holding your ponytail so that you’re left with the perfect fishtail braid. Works every time.

“I think that the most important thing a woman can have- next to talent, of course- is her hairdresser. ” –Ashwani.

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